# Hello, I'm Emmaly 👩🏻‍💻 **Data Sorceress at SCJ Alliance** *Olympia, Washington, United States* I'm a software enthusiast with a passion for automation and improving lives through technology. Here you can learn more about me, my skills, and my journey in the tech world. --- # Topics of Interest * Artificial Intelligence * Automation * Integration * Microcontrollers --- # About Me I'm Emmaly, a seasoned technology enthusiast with a penchant for automation, data management, and software development. With nearly 30 years of experience, I've worn many hats—from Business Owner to Data Services Manager to my current role as a Data Sorceress. My mission is simple: to make people's lives better through technology. I live to make workflows more efficient, lives more convenient, and processes more intuitive. In 2001, a tiny program I wrote saved thousands of man-hours. I've been in love with automation since the late 1990s, and this passion led me to build an automated, internet-integrated garage door way back in 2010. Fast forward to today, and my entire house is a smart home. I didn't just start out as a tech guru. I spent a lot of time in rural northwest Kansas teaching retired farmers, teachers, and salespeople how to use computers for the first time. This experience has shaped my journey and values in the tech world. **First computer**: VTech Laser 128 (an Apple //c clone from 1984) **Favorite code editor**: vscode --- # Experience ## SCJ Alliance *Data Sorceress* *Nov 2022 - Present* *Olympia, Washington, United States* I've been with SCJ Alliance for over 11 years, where I initially started as Information Services Manager. In my current role, I primarily focus on ensuring that the new IT Manager taking over my role is able to get up to speed. I otherwise implement and maintain our automation systems and perform other tasks I enjoy. *Previous role*: Information Services Manager (Oct 2012 - Nov 2022) ## Business Owner, Megagram *Aug 2007 - Oct 2012* *Olympia, Washington, United States* I established Megagram, a full-spectrum IT solutions firm. As the driving force behind the company, I wore many hats—directly engaging with clients for technical support, steering IT asset strategy, and overseeing the operational aspects of the business, all while delivering web application development services. ## More Past Experiences - Senior Programmer at Conceptual Arc - Data Services Manager at Westlink Communications - Business Owner at DediHost - Founder of hey.nu Network --- # Skills - **Programming Languages**: Go, TypeScript, JavaScript - **Technologies**: Home Assistant, ESPHome, Discord, Telegram, Signal, Zigbee, Z-Wave - **APIs and Webhooks**: REST APIs, Twilio, Google Cloud Functions - **Management Skills**: Team Management, Technology Management, Strategic Planning - **More Skills**: Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), User Experience (UX), and many more. --- # Contact Reach out to me through [Email](mailto:[email protected]), [LinkedIn](https://linkedin.com/in/emmaly-), or [GitHub](https://github.com/emmaly). ---